Is 2012 the year of the kitchen?

06 January 2012

Reason #1: Get in before the rush!

With the slow economy for the last 3 years there is developing a backlog of home remodeling projects. Most people are still waiting but when the masses follow through with the necessary projects, there will be a surge which will drive prices and demand back up.

Reason #2: Prices are still at their lowest.

Cabinet companies are offering great promotions to encourage sales, which means you may affordable that kitchen after all. The cost of the cabinets is the single largest expense of a new kitchen. Also, labor costs have been reduced because of the down turned econmoy. This won't be for much longer.

Reason #3: Resources are in stock & available.

Anyone who remodeled from 2000-2008 might remember when getting that certain granite or tile put you on a waiting list. Since they are exported there was a demand on those products, and you just had to wait until the boat arrived with the materials. (Of course I am speaking from personal experience)

Lastly Reason #4: Great designers & Contractors are available.

When the going gets busy forget about getting the best in the area to work on your project. Right now you can get that. So your project will be expertly designed and installed. No headaches or regrets.

Drop in to our showroom, Kitchen of Diablo, and talk with us about your project for 2012.




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