FAQ on Cabinet Hardware

28 September 2012

Cabinet hardware is an important amenity to you cabinets, in terms of style and function. At KOD we help you select the right hardware for your cabinets. Here's some pitfalls to avoid when selecting your knobs or pulls...

Things to consider:

Function trumps style! First and formost, make sure the knob/pull works and feels right. Don't compromise this just because the knob is cute. You won't think it is cute after getting frustrated with its function.

Hand clearance when you reach into the pull. The larger the space the better for men's hands. You want to avoid your hands coming in contact with the cabinetry, over time you may wear out the finish.

Does the pull/knob feel hollow? You want the back of the pull/knob to be solid and smooth.

Pulls that extend beyond the foot. This can be a snag factor. As you brush by the cabinets you can catch your clothes on the open ended pull.

Hardware finish is best decided on what looks best on the cabinets, not matching the other metals in the kitchen (Stainles Steel). There are some new finishes to consider such as graphite and guilded bronze.

If you need to pick out Refrigerator pulls, then start by selecting that first. Since the selection is very limited with appliance pulls it is best to find one you like, then you are sure to have a matching pull or knob.

Lastly, Hardware can change the whole look of the room, so consider your hardwrae carefully. This is not a place to save $100 on an expensive kitchen or bath remodel!

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