Drought in California?

27 October 2014

Right now Kitchens of Diablo is booking jobs 6 months from now and design appointments are out 30-60 days. Even as a consumer, I am having a difficult time finding companies available to take on projects of mine outside our our area. Plumbers in Tahoe: booked! Landscapers: booked! It is really challenging. There are times when a project can wait such as a kitchen and bath remodel, but not when it is repair work.

It is times like this that is more important than ever to be patient and wait for the quality companies to handle your kitchen or bath remodel. If you get in a hurry and select a sub par contractor you may just have regrets and repairs later. So think about when would be a good time for your family to not have the use of your kitchen for 2-3 months? Summer? Then plan it as if it were a vacation. Put it on the calender and start getting all your selections out of the way. Clients that have a deadline or a big event are the ones that are stressed out and rushed. Sometimes they make rash decisions that were not thoughtfully planned out. So don't get behind the 8 ball and plan accordingly!

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