'Bathrooms' of Diablo

19 November 2012

Should we change our name to Bathrooms of Diablo? Well this year bathrooms have out numbered kitchens 4 to 1, and forcasting into 2013 it looks like more of the same. We are equally trained in bathroom design as we are in kitchen design, and we are saavy to the latest in looks and trends. A customer came into our showroom about a month ago and said selecting her products for her new kitchen was easy, but she is really struggling as to what to choose for her master bathroom. I pointed out that we get to see remodeled kitchens in our friends' and neighbors' homes, but rarely do we get invited into their bathrooms. So knowing what you like and don't like is more challenging because you are exposed to less remodeled bathrooms.

Important decisons in bathrooms have become very complicated, between which shower head to select to the intricate details of the tile layouts an experience bathroom designer is a neccessity not a luxury. Bathroom plans at Kitchens of Diablo are $500, and they are the first step to creating the bathroom you've dream of.

Feel free to come into our showroom and discuss your bathroom with one of our qualified and talented designers.

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